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Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

Posted by Daily Jewelry On April - 1 - 2012

Diamond Jewelry Care: What’s the Best Way to Clean Diamond Jewelry?
Your diamonds may have been in the ground for thousands of years before they made their way to your piece of jewelry. They are also known to be one of the hardest substances around. Still, people are generally under the assumption that these two facts together may warrant cleaning your diamond jewelry with all the toughness you can muster. No way!

Always clean diamond jewelry gently.
Your diamonds are an investment and probably have cost you a great deal of money. In order to keep them looking fabulous, especially if they are top grade, you should care for them gently using only mild dish detergent mixed with warm water. Protecting the surface and luster of the diamonds you own is extremely important as any damage even on the minute level can hurt the value of your diamond jewelry. You can opt to soak your diamonds in a mild detergent bath for several minutes. Should they be very dirty you can opt to use a very soft brush or cloth to help wipe away the dirt. One should never use hard bristles, toothpicks, or anything else abrasive to clean the surface of their diamond jewelry.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or contact with perfumes and alcohol.
Because you want to preserve the surface composition of your diamonds, you want to keep them away from any liquid that is abrasive enough to alter even on the smallest level the surface of your gemstones. This would include ammonia, alcohol, other types of chemicals, including perfumes, which often have an alcohol base. While some may argue that some of these liquids are not strong enough to alter one of the hardest substances known to man, we would merely caution wearers always to err on the safe side.

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