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Diamond Certification

Posted by Daily Jewelry On April - 7 - 2012

Buying Diamond Jewelry: Getting a Diamond Certificate
Whenever buying diamond jewelry, especially when making a sizeable investment, it is important to get a diamond certification for the jewelry being purchased. A diamond certificate is a report by a professional gemologist assuring you that the product being sold meets the characteristics that are being advertised about that particular piece of jewelry. The report will note the diamonds’ clarity, measurements, color, symmetry, polish, and in some cases, a note on the cut grade.

How is a Certificate Helpful?
The certificate ensures that the jewelry being purchased has been examined and given an unbiased assessment by a trained professional in the industry’s standards. It’s is important to keep your diamond certificate with your jewelry in case you wish to resell the jewelry or get it insured. It also provides a good way of tracking the identity of your diamonds since high grade diamonds will have few flaws to use for identification purposes. Having such a detailed report on your jewelry is especially helpful when getting your jewelry repaired, cleaned or when storing or transporting jewelry — any time when the jewelry will be out of your possession for any length of time.

Certificates by GIA Versus AGSL: Does it Matter?
The GIA is The Gemological Institute of America whereas the AGSL is the American Gem Society Laboratories. They are both well-known and respected bodies in the gem field.

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