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Evaluating the Jewelry

Posted by Daily Jewelry On March - 23 - 2013

The next step to getting a great deal on jewelry at a seized auction is evaluating the individual jewelry pieces on offer. The seller should provide clear photos as well as detailed information about each piece. Appraisals, sales receipts, quality certificates, etc. may also be provided, especially for very valuable pieces such as diamond jewelry.

Many auction sites will provide an estimate of the jewelry’s retail value in their description. But how do you know this is accurate? Well, one way to gauge the accuracy of retail values is to try to find prices for similar pieces on retail store sites. Bear in mind, however, that multiple factors can affect the value:


The level of craftsmanship will definitely impact what you want to bid at a seized auction. You often have no way of knowing where the items came from, and items made for QVC will have significantly poorer craftsmanship than something made by Tiffany’s. Examine the photos closely to see how fine the details are. Also check for secure settings with lots of prongs on gemstones.


The designer or brand can also affect the value of a piece of jewelry. If possible, check the photos for maker’s marks, or ask the seller for this information. This is especially important for antiques, as certain designers are very collectible and therefore more valuable.


The most reliable indicator of a piece of jewelry’s value is the worth of the materials involved. The description for the auction listing should provide all the details you need to figure this out.

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