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Gemstones and Color Enhancing

Posted by Daily Jewelry On April - 9 - 2012

Gemstones:  Color Enhancing
If you have ever stopped in front of a jewelry store window to admire gemstones, you are not alone. Their colors have made them exceedingly popular for ages, and rightly so. They have bedazzled kings and queens, and adorned many a crown. Gemstones, however brilliant and colorful though, are not always as brilliant and colorful on their own. Sometimes, they are subjected to various treatments to help enhance their color. Some of these treatments have been around for ages while some are quite new, relatively speaking. Most outlined here, however, are accepted and permitted per the guidelines set by the American Trade Association’s manual.

Various Treatments Used to Enhance Gem Color
While you may think that gemstones would not require any treatments, you might be surprised to know that jewelers have found over the years that there are certain techniques that can bring out the natural beauty of these gems. These treatments are not meant to change a gem’s color necessarily but to enhance its natural color. Some treatments include heating the gem to a certain temperature to enhance its clarity. Heating is normally part of a gemstone’s preparation-for- market as part of the polishing stage, specifically. Then, there is infusion which means taking a foreign substance and putting it into the gem. This substance could be wax, oil, glass, or resin, which might have color or have no color at all. Coating a gem with a resin or wax is another method. Other methods include dyeing, bleaching, and irradiation.

Gemstones are known for their color.  Be sure you are getting a good quality gemstone that has not been altered to be what it is not, and you are assured of a good buy.

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