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Important Considerations When Buying Pearl Jewelry

Posted by Daily Jewelry On May - 5 - 2012

Important Considerations When Buying Pearl Jewelry
For those new to buying pearl jewelry, it’s important to know what to look for in pearls before you head out and buy a strand at your local jewelers or at an online store or auction house. This can help you avoid disappointment or issues down the road as you wouldn’t want to buy something and realize it wasn’t exactly when you wanted later on.

Because pearls are created often in a natural or a cultured environment, irregularities can result. Not all pearls are round or symmetrical. Some people prefer to buy only round or symmetrical pearls. Some are okay with a more natural, asymmetrical shape. Even so, when buying a piece of pearl jewelry carefully look at the piece weighing how the gems are laid out on the strand, bracelet or earrings to ascertain whether there is continuity or balance on the piece(s). Even irregularly shaped pearls should be placed in such a way as to complement one another and not look like they were haphazardly tossed together.

Another consideration is size. Take a look at the piece of pearl jewelry and think through whether the size suits you, or the piece itself. If on a ring, it’s important for the pearl to not snag other items or get damaged. If on earrings, are they an appropriate size so as not to detract from your outfit?

Pearls are nothing without some luster. A dull pearl is sad looking so be sure to find a pearl that has a good amount of luster as well as a lovely surface. You won’t be happy if you take it home only to find a blemish on it.

Pearls are not like other pieces of jewelry because they are the product of a living creature’s toil. Carefully examine the pearls you consider to purchase to make sure they are indeed the pearls you would like to wear around your neck for years to come.

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