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Is Free Jewelry Too Good To Be True

Posted by Daily Jewelry On April - 9 - 2016

If you have spent any amount of time on the Internet, you are sure to have seen offers for dozens of free items, including jewelry. While it may look like it is free, there are costs associated with anything that you get. You know the old saying “nothing is for free?” That is even more true when you are talking about products offered on the Internet. Even if you do an Internet search for “free” stuff, you will find that there are shipping and handling charges associated with each offer. These costs are much more than it should cost, which allows them to make up for the cost of the “free” item that they are offering to you. The key is to read any fine details to make sure you know what you are getting and what you are paying.

Is Free Jewelry Too Good To Be True?

Every day there are thousands of searches being done on the term “free jewelry” as people scramble to find any offers of such jewelry online. So, is there such a thing? And if so, is this jewelry worth getting free? We are sad to report that most of these types of offers are indeed scams. These offers do claim that the jewelry they offer is free, however, there are often exorbitant shipping and handling charges associated with each offer, and if you consider how light and small a piece of jewelry is, this charge is quite inflated. To top that off, the piece of free jewelry that is often sent is worthless, hitting the consumer with a double blow right to the wallet.

Quality jewelry is not free, but you can get it at a discounted price by checking out jewelry auctions. The liquidated jewelry from jewelry retailers all over the world are what makes up the offerings found in a jewelry auction. This jewelry is new and the latest in style and design. The only thing wrong with it is that the retailer ordered too many pieces to sell it all, so they sell it to a jewelry auction site at a significantly reduced price. You can then bid on it and get it for just pennies on the dollar over retail cost.

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  1. Serena Says:

    Nice post!! Surely there is nothing for free. If any one wants to purchase jewellery at affordable or discounted prices, liquidation of jewellery is the best time and opportunity. Thanks for the details here.

    Posted on January 2nd, 2013 at 10:06 pm

  2. jaslyn bailey Says:

    Im so excited to receive a nice jewelry gift for my wedding

    Posted on January 24th, 2013 at 1:32 pm

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