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Pearl Necklaces Styles

Posted by Daily Jewelry On May - 8 - 2012

Pearl Necklaces: What Style is Best For You?
Women tend to have at least one string of pearls in their jewelry box to wear to that Christmas office party , a charity event or that wedding anniversary celebration. However, pearl necklaces come in varying lengths and have a very different look when worn high or low on the neck. Do you know which pearl necklace style you are most interested in?

Pearl Necklace Types

The Bib Necklace: This style of necklace consists of several layered strands of pearls which vary somewhat in length creating a bib effect.

The Collar Necklace: Popular in Victorian times, the collar necklace consists of several strands of pearls that measure about a foot long but are worn high on the neck. This type of necklace was often used to cover a bare neck or to adorn the high-necked clothing that women wore.

The Choker Necklace: About 14 inches in length, the choker was worn slightly lower on the neck than the collar necklace.

The Princess Necklace: Averaging around 18 inches in length, this style of necklace is the classic length most often viewed on modern women. It is typically visible when worn with most dresses as it lies up next to the collarbone.

The Matinee Necklace: About 22 inches long, this style of necklace falls much lower on the neck and is associated with a more casual style of dress.

The Opera/Rope Necklace: About 36 inches long, this style can be doubled and even when doubled falls below the bust line.

Having pearl jewelry is a must to complete the modern women’s wardrobe. One may want to invest in different styles to give their outfits a different look while accessorizing with pearls.

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