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Pearl Shapes

Posted by Daily Jewelry On April - 23 - 2012

Pearl Shapes: Which Do You Prefer?
Women are often been enamored with pearls, following the fashion statements of famous stars and celebrities who have made these gemstones a classic fashion staple. Stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn made pearls all the rage in their day, while Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama continue to give this stone attention today. Rounds pearls are certainly the most popular as they are the “classic” style, which most women, especially career and business owners, seek. However, there are many shapes of pearls out there. Which do you prefer?

Symmetrical pearls have an evenness between their left and right sides. They may not be round but can be oval (or tear-shaped), or button (flat on the back end although round from the front). Symmetrical shapes are often the most popular and most valued among pearls. Natural symmetrical pearls are prized above all because of the rarity of occurrence in the natural world.

Asymmetrical shapes include semi-baroque and baroque.  Women who like to stand apart from the crowd and who appreciate a more natural formation may love this style of pearl for its own unique, “one of a kind” beauty.

It’s important to consider your options when buying pearls. Not only are their numerous shapes, but a whole array of colors and types to choose from. Becoming familiar with the choices and selecting your favorites will ensure that you will become a happy pearl owner.

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